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I. The name of the Association shall be "FEDERATION OF BISCUIT MANUFACTURERS OF INDIA.

II. The Registered Office of the Association will be situated In the Union Territory of Delhi.

III. The objects for which the Association Is established are:

(1) To take over as a going concern the working and management of the All India Biscuit Manufacturers Association with all rights Including rights of recovery of dues, if any, from the members of the Association or the Government of India, assets and liabilities, records, books of account, emoluments, etc., belonging to the Association.

       (a) To promote, 'protect, and safeguard the Interests of the Biscuit Industry and Biscuit Trade In India,

(2) To collect, compile and circulate statistics, market reports, and all other useful Information relating to the biscuit Industry and trade.

(3) To promote, support or oppose legislation affecting the biscuit Industry and. trade according to circumstances.

(4) To promote and safeguard the Interest of Its members In all possible manner.

(5) To arrange to collect and maintain sufficient funds to enable the association to carry out Its objects.

(6) To arbitrate and adjust disputes when called upon to do so.

(7) To protect the members of the association against dealing with persons who for any reason should not be given credit by the collection and distribution of Information concerning the credit of persons engaged in trade and others and by other means.

(8) To organise and aid the realisation to the best advantage of the estates of bankrupts and persons who have executed a deed of arrangement or made a composition or similar deed with their creditors.

(9) To make inquiries, collect Information and search such registers and records as are available In order to provide members with knowledge of the standing and responsibility of the persons to whom they propose to give credit.

(10) To collect debts for members and such other persons who may employ the Association for the purpose upon such terms as the parties may agree.

(11) To enter into agreements with and to support Chambers of Commerce and similar bodies for the protection and advancement of the trade and traders.


(12) To subscribe to and promote the aims an objects of any society or societies formed for a similar purpose and to encourage and support in any way any society or movement for the improvement of commercial law.

(13) To act as Trustees for the liquidation, by persons indebted, of debts due to Members of the Association, and others, and to make arrangements for obtaining payment of such debts by instalments to take security therefore in, the name of the Association and to enforce security where necessary.

(14) To secure the adoption of a more healthy system of trade .with' reference to credit.

(15) To consider all questions and problems connected with trade particularly the trade of India.

(16) To consider, promote, oppose or watch any legislative or other measures affecting trade and if deemed advisable to address governments and authorities with respect thereto.

(17) To Collect and circulate statistical and other information relating to trade.

(18) To borrow and raise money which may be required for the purposes of the Association in such manner as the
Association may think fit.

(19) To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property real or personal estate, be any rights or privileges which may be deemed necessary or convenient for any of the purposes of the Association.

(20) To construct, maintain or, alter any, house, buildings or works necessary or convenient or used by or for the Association or In connection with any of its objects or purposes.

(21) To invest the moneys of the Association not immediately required in such manner and in such securities as may from time to time be determined.

(22) To take any gift of property, whether subject to any special trust or not, for any one or more of the objects of the Association.

(23) To take such steps by personal or written appeals, public meetings, or otherwise, as may from time to time be deemed expedient for the purpose of procuring contributions to the funds of the Association In shape of donations,annual subscriptions, or otherwise.

(24) To print and publish any newspaper, periodicals, books or leaflets that the Association may think desirable for the promotion of it's objects.
(25) To undertake and execute any trusts or any, agency business which may seem directly or indirectly conducive to any of the objects of the Association.

(26) To subscribe to any local or other charities, and to grant donations for any public purpose, and to provide a superannuation fund for the servants of the Association and otherwise to assist any such servants, their widows and children.

(27) To establish and support and to aid in the establishment and support of any other association formed for all or any of the objects of this Association.

(28) To amalgamate with any companies, institutions, societies or associations having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Association.


To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of the property, assets, liabilities, and engagements of any one or more of the companies, Institutions, societies or associations with which this Association is authorised to amalgamate.

(30) To transfer all or any part of the property, assets, liabilities and engagements of this Association to anyone or more of the companies, institutions, societies or associations with which this Association Is authorised to amalgamate.

(31) To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose off, or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Association.

(32) To remunerate any person or company for services rendered or to be rendered in placing or assisting to place or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures or other securities of the Association.

(33) To assign to any member or class of members any preferential, special or qualified rights or privileges over or as compared with any other member as regards voting or otherwise howsoever.

(34) To enter into any arrangement with any Government or authority, supreme, provincial, municipal, local or otherwise that may seem conducive to the Association's objects or any of them, and to obtain from any such Government or authority all rights, concessions and privileges which the Association may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.

(35) To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, execute and issue bills of exchange, bills of lading, warrants, debentures and other negotiable or transferable instruments or securities.

(36) And generally, to do all other things incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

IV. The income and property of the Association howsoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Association as set for in this Memorandum of Association, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise, by way of profit to the persons who at any time are, or have been, Members of the Association or to any of them or to any person claiming through any of them provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants of the Association or to any Member thereof or other person in return for any services actually rendered to the Association, or for travelling allowance, for halting, and other similar charges.

V. If, upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association, there remains, after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Association, but shall be given or transferred to some other Institution, or institutions, having objects similar to the objects of the Association on or before the time of dissolution; and In default thereof, to such judge as may have or acquired jurisdiction in the matter.

VI. The liability of the members is limited.

VII. Every member of the Association undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Association in the event of the same being wound up during the time that he is a member or within one year afterwards for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Association contracted before the time at which he ceases to be a member, and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up the same; and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributories amongst themselves such amount as may be required not exceeding Rs. 100


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