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The Federation grants annual Scholarships to the students of CFTRI, Mysore, for their Post Graduation course in M.Sc. (Food Technology). The Federation has received few Investigation Reports prepared by the CFTRI students in fulfillment for their award of the degree of M.Sc. in Food Technology. Copies of the following Investipation Reports are available in the office of the FBMI3

Effect Of Various Syrups On Biscuit Quality
Protein Enrichment Of Cookie Flour With Bengal Gram Dhall Flour
Replacement Of Egg Proteins With Other Exogenous Proteins And Their Effect On Quality Of Cake
Effect Ofamulsifier Gels On Quality Of Biscuits
Functional Additives In Biscuits, Crackers And Cookies
Flexible Packaging Films In Biscuit Industry
Costing In Bakery Industry
Major Enzymes In Baking Industry
A Presentation At XIV Training Programme In Biscuit Manufactureing
Food Quality & Safety With ISO 9000 & HACCP
Mapl & Food Industry
Chemistry / Selection / QC For Fats And Oils In Biscuit Manufacturing
Food Emulsifiers
Wheat Flour
Revent World-Wide Representation
Role Of Yeast & Leavening Agents In Biscuit Manufacturing
Packing Material, Inks,Solvents & Adhesives
Advances In Packaging Materials & Technology
Enzymes In Bakery Segment
Flavours & Colours For Bakery Industry
Presentation of Course Material of the XV Training Program in Biscuit Manufacturing

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